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Iris Brendel could never be described as an ordinary human being.

With this her many friends would agree; friends from her choir, from Lockenhaus, from the Concert House, from the Café Prückl where she spent every morning avidly scouring the papers in several languages; fellow potters across the world, artist and musician friends, friends from her travel groups, friends in her home town Vienna, childhood friends from Argentina and more in virtually every place imaginable.

And all these friends know of the dwarves which plagued her life, which consistently and increasingly hid concert tickets, keys, put the photographic slides in the butter dish, and generally moved things around. These dwarves could hide in every crevice, handbag and pocket and even accompanied her on her travels, so that Iris was permanently looking for things and losing vital paperwork.

As she got older they started to breed and became ever more troublesome. While she arthritically crawled up a mountain to photograph the view in some far-flung country, the dwarves would be busily rearranging her hotel room.

It is hard to imagine what she may have achieved had she not spent so many years searching for lost articles. As it is, we shall have to content ourselves with a selection of the 64,000 photographs she left behind, giving us a glimpse of her view of the world, her life, creativity and unique sense of humour.

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